Notice Inviting Tenders

Notice Inviting Tenders

Tender id Description Start Date End Date
2022_FACT_702719_1 Tender for Repair/Relaying of Damaged Sections of Concrete Roads at NorthGate in FACT Fert-UC. 

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26/07/2022 23/08/2022
2022_FACT_704341_1 Tender for supply of Rock Phosphate in bulk. 

Corrigendum : Due Date  NewIcon
02/08/2022 19/08/2022
2022_FACT_702757_1 Tender for Repair of Economiser tubes of KHI boiler F4101, by replacing the lower portion of the tube from the bottom header during ATA 2022/2023. 

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Corrigendum 2: Technical 
26/07/2022 23/08/2022
2022_FACT_705904_1 Tender for Supply, Supervision of Erection & Commissioning of 11KV Switchboard in 110 KV Substation (including spares) at FACT Cochin Division, Ambalamedu. 

Notice Inviting Tender

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10/08/2022 23/08/2022
2022_FACT_706079_1 Tender for Mobile app development and maintenance for marketing department. 11/08/2022 01/09/2022
2022_FACT_703686_1 Tender for Desludging of import phosphoric Acid Storage Tank T1201-A at Q-10, Willingdon Island, Kochi. 11/08/2022 01/09/2022
2022_FACT_705635_1 Tender for Repairs / Renovation of Udyogamandal Club in FACT Udyogamandal Township.  09/08/2022 29/08/2022
2022_FACT_705712_1 Tender for Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works for KV School at Haveri, Karnataka. 09/08/2022 29/08/2022
2022_FACT_705396_1 Tender for Renewal of AMC of Four Nos ARES Standard Software in FEDO Civil Dept. 06/08/2022 19/08/2022
2022_FACT_704362_1 Tender For Providing Payloaders with operator at Q10, W. island, FACT-CD. 03/08/2022 23/08/2022
2022_FACT_704455_1 Tender for Re-Painting of FEDO Building, as per tender documents. 03/08/2022 23/08/2022
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