Fertiliser Plants

Fertiliser Plants

FACT Udyogamandal Plant, the oldest of FACT, which started production of Ammonium Sulphate in 1947 using the firewood gasification process, has during the last few decades undergone several stages of expansion and diversification, giving up old and obsolete technology and installing new and sophisticated plants making use of naphtha as raw material. Today, the Udyogamandal Plants has an installed capacity of 76,050 tonnes of N and 29700 tonnes of P2O5. Apart from fertilisers like Ammonium Sulphate and Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate (FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13) FACT Udyogamandal Plants also manufactures chemicals as intermediate products like Sulphuric Acid, Anhydrous Ammonia, Phosphoric Acid, Sulphur Dioxide, Oleum, etc. Ammonium Sulphate liquor obtained as a by product from the Caprolactam Plant is converted as a useful fertiliser product in a New Ammonium Sulphate Plant, 2,25,000 TPA capacity put up in October 1990, at a cost of Rs.35 crore. As a replacement to the existing high energy consuming old Ammonia plants at Udyogamandal, a new 900 TPD capacity Ammonia Plant at a cost of Rs.642 crore was put up in March 1998. FACT Udyogamandal plants received ISO 14001 certification in March 2000 for conforming to the Environmental Management System standard.



FACT-UD is committed to  

1.   Continual improvement in its environmental performance and prevention of pollution 

2.   Compliance with environmental rules, regulations and other requirements applicable 

3.   Conservation of resources and waste minimization 

4.   Improvement of communication with interested parties 

5.   Training for improved environmental management 

Executive Summary of External Safety Audit -2023