Research and Developments

Research and Developments

FACT R&D functions with the  aim of  carrying out detailed R&D studies in new fertilizer formulations in the field of chemical & organic fertilisers and Biofertilisers. The other areas of interest include quality improvement in finished products, value addition of by products, existing product lines and utilisation of waste materials like phosphogypsum, sulphur sludge, coir pith, etc.  Incorporation studies of micronutrients like Zinc and Boron in complex fertilizer FACTAMPHOS, innovation for cost reduction in  production of Chemical , Organic  and Bio fertilizers are also undertaken.

FACT R&D is registered with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of S&T, GOI.

Major R&D Achievements:

  1. Zincated Factamphos: A process for incorporation of micronutrient (Zinc) upto  0.5% levels in ammonium phosphate sulphate conforming to the Fertiliser (Control) Order 1985 was developed at FACT R&D Centre and after successful trial runs the commercial production started at our 150TPD plant.
  2. Boronated Factamphos: Studies on  boron fortification in ammonium phosphate sulphate was taken up in FACT R&D Centre both at  bench scale and pilot scale upto the levels of 0.5% in our complex fertilizer ammonium phosphate sulphate successfully, without compromising the percentage of macronutrients stipulated in the Fertiliser (Control) Order 1985. After obtaining necessary approvals from ministry of Fertiliser and Chemicals, the product got notified in the gazette on 23rd September 2016.
  3. Humic based Phosphate Rich Organic Manure(PROM): R&D ‘s proposal for development of humic based Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) conforming to the Fertiliser (Control) Order 1985 was accepted by the  Dept  of fertiliser, GOI  and included as MOU project for the year 2018-19 for commercialisation .  R&D produced  1.0MT of PROM and the product was launched on 09.11.2019 by the Chairman and Managing Director of FACT. PROM was billed by the Marketing Division and got   excellent rating  in the MOU.
  4. Collaborative Project with Coir Board on developing a compost from raw coir pith

FACT R&D has entered into a MOU with COIR BOARD and FACT funded by CCRI  in developing a compost from raw coirpith, an organic waste generated in coir industry ,for agri horti end use. As part of this MOU project, extensive studies were carried out for  bioremediation of the coirpith  through identification and use of appropriate consortium of microorganisms capable to disintegrate recalcitrant biomass like lignin to simpler molecular units and  by optimising major composting parameters like C:N ratio. Interim report on the outcome of the studies has been submitted to CCRI, Coir Board.

Major R&D activities

  1. Quality Control Cell: A Quality Control Cell is constituted for efficiently monitoring the quality of finished chemical fertilizers both in manufacturing unit and field ( godowns, distributors and dealers) for evaluating the quality as per the direction of Ministry of Agriculture, GOI.  This is also a part of company’s commitment to ensure the quality till the product reaches the customers. All five southern states are covered randomly under this work.
  2. Testing and Certification of Rock Phosphate (RP) and Single Super Phosphate (SSP) samples  in connection with Technical audit of SSP Manufacturing Units: R&D is engaged in Testing   and Certification of Rock Phosphate (RP) and Single Super Phosphate (SSP) samples in connection with Technical audit of SSP Manufacturing Units  in all southern states  entrusted to FEDO by   Dept. of Fertilizers, GOI
  3. Biofertilizer Production: R&D produces  carrier based biofertilisers such as Azospirillum, Rhizobium and Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria from its 150 TPA plant at R&D Centre.  The product under the trade name BIOFACT is marketed  in all the five southern states. Proposals have been put up  for the procurement of liquid biofertiliser technology from TNAU for the production of liquid biofertilisers at  R&D.
  4. Training & Development: R&D imparts Project guidance to  B.Tech, M.Tech ,M.Sc Biotechnology , Microbiology and chemistry students  on chargeable basis as part of their curriculum requirement. Training is also imparted to FACT-AOCP trainees and  B.Tech, M.Tech and MSc Biotech degree holders to extend industrial exposures.