FACT AGRO SERVICE CENTRE - Realising the importance of bring the essential agricultural inputs and facilities for advisory service under a single roof, FACT has converted major selling points into Agro Service Centres. FACT agro Service Centres not only supply the essential agricultural inputs, but also advise the farmers on modern farm management techniques, credit availability, marketing prospects etc. These service centres prepare detailed farm plans for each farmer.

FACT MARKETING NETWORK is spread over the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and has around 100 field storage points and 7000 retail points in these states. FACT fertilisers are also available through the retail network of the Co-operative Marketing Federation and the Agro Industries Corporation of the southern states.

SOIL TESTING AND SOIL HEALTH CARD - FACT is having a well equipped soil testing laboratory at Udyogmandal. Around 10,000 soil samples are analysed per annum for nutrient contents, soil reaction and micro nutrient status. 
 Soil health card with fertiliser recommendation for various crops are issued to the farmers all over South India. 

FIELD DEMONSTRATIONS are conducted for fertilisers and FACT Organics for various crops all over South India.