CMD's Desk

CMD’s Desk



Dear FACT Family,

As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year for FACT, I am delighted to share the remarkable accomplishments that have defined our journey through 2023. Your unwavering dedication and hard work have propelled FACT to new heights, and I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together.

In the financial year 2022-23, our Company has not only shattered records but has set a new standard for excellence. Our operational profit has soared to an impressive Rs 613 Crore despite many uncertainties in the global market, marking a significant leap from the previous year. The Company's turnover reached an astounding Rs 6198 Crore, compared to Rs 4425 Crore in the previous year. Furthermore, our market capitalization has crossed the Rs 50,000 Crores milestone, solidifying our position as a net worth positive and dividend-paying Company. Half yearly results of the fiscal 2023-24 reveals that our Company has recorded profits amounting to Rs. 177 Crore. 

For the same period, the Company could achieve fertiliser production of 5.56 LMT which is 12% higher when compared to the figures for the corresponding period in the previous year. The successful completion of key CAPEX projects, such as the new Sulphuric Acid tank at Cochin Division and the reconstruction of the South Coal Berth at Willingdon Island, is a testament to our commitment to progress. With the commissioning of our new NP plant at Cochin Division, we will be armed with an additional five lakh metric tonnes of fertilizer production.

Our achievements have garnered recognition, with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Chemicals and Fertilizers commending FACT for its exceptional performance, acknowledging our turnaround and the Company's impetus to surpass past glory.

Reflecting on the extraordinary journey of the past year fills my heart with deep gratitude and fulfilment. The strides we have made as a team have been nothing short of phenomenal, propelled by the unyielding spirit, dedication, and resilience of each and every one of you.  

Together, we weathered storms and emerged stronger and more triumphant than ever before. 

You, our valued employees, are the lifeblood of this organization. As we step into the New Year with renewed enthusiasm, let us remember that our strength lies in unity, collaboration, and a shared vision. I am confident that with your dedication, expertise, and passion, FACT will reach unprecedented heights, setting new milestones and creating lasting value.

Wishing each member of our FACT family a prosperous, joyous, and fulfilling New Year. I wish 2024 to be a year of unparalleled success, growth, and prosperity for each one of you. Together, let us script another chapter of excellence, innovation, and success in the illustrious journey of FACT.
Kishor Rungta