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The Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Limited (FACT) was incorporated in the year 1943 as the first large-scale fertilizer plant in India at Udyogamandal, Kochi, Kerala. FACT started production in 1947. Initially in the Private Sector, promoted by M/s.Seshasayee Brothers, FACT became a Public Sector company in 1960 and the Government of India became the major shareholder in 1962. FACT is under the administrative control of the Department of Fertilizers, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India.

From a modest beginning, FACT has expanded and diversified into a multi-divisional organisation with varied activities. The parent division at Udyogamandal underwent four stages of expansion until the year 1972, upgrading technology and increasing capacity. In the 1960’s, recognising the need for developing indigenous capabilities for design and construction of Chemical and Fertiliser Plants, FACT established an Engineering & Consultancy wing FEDO (FACT Engineering & Design Organisation).  A Fabrication Division FEW (FACT Engineering Works) was also established in 1966.

Another fertilizer unit,.  Cochin Division was established in two phases at Ambalamedu near the BPCL-Kochi Refineries. Phase-I, with the Ammonia-Urea Complex commissioned in 1973 and Phase-II consisting of Sulphuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid and Complex Fertiliser Plant commissioned during 1976-78.

FACT expanded further with the commissioning of the Petrochemical Division at Udyogamandal for production of Caprolactam during 1990-91 and saw FACT diversify into the then sunrise Petrochemical industry.The new Ammonia Plant was set-up at Udyogamandal at a cost of Rs.638 crore and commissioned during March 1998.

The Authorised Share capital of the Company is ₹ 100 crore equity shares of face value of ₹10/- each (₹.1000 crore). The issued and subscribed Share Capital is ₹.647.07 Crore.

It was Sir C.P Ramaswamy Iyer, the then Diwan of Travancore who stood in the forefront, cleared all obstacles and paved the way for setting up of FACT in a till then unheard of village in Kerala, Udyogamandal. FACT was fortunate enough to have had very illustrious persons to lead it during its onward journey.

Shri M.K.K Nair, an outstanding administrator and visionary, led  FACT from 1960 to 1971. He was the longest serving MD and it was during his tenure that FACT flourished with setting up of various plants to enhance production, establishment of Engineering consultancy division (FEDO)  and fabrication unit (FEW). The work on the establishment of another production unit in Ambalamedu, Cochin Division  was also started during this period.

During its onward journey, FACT had its ups and downs and now stands as one of the biggest fertiliser enterprises of the country and an ardent exemplar of the triumph of the public sector.




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Shri Kishor Rungta

Independence Day Message

My dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

A very warm good morning, and My Independence Day greetings to each one of you.

Today, as we gather to celebrate the 77th Independence Day of our beloved nation, India, it fills my heart with immense pride and joy to address this august gathering. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering effort and dedication, which has led our company to achieve new heights of success.

Independence Day is not only a time for us to remember and honor the sacrifices of our forefathers who fought tirelessly for our freedom but also an ....


Fact Fertilizers




FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13 is a chemical blend of 40 parts of Ammonium phosphate and 60 parts of Ammonium sulphate. It contains 20% N and 20% P2O5. The entire N is in ammoniacal form and P is completely water soluble. In addition, FACTAMFOS contains 13% Sulphur, an another plant nutrient which is now attaining great importance in the agricultural scene. FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13, with the granular form and non-hygroscopic and free flowing nature, have excellent physical properties. It is ideal for application on all soils and all crops. FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13 can also be used for foliar application.





ZINCATED FACTAMFOS contains essential micro nutrient Zinc at 0.5% in addition to major nutrients Nitrogen and Phosphorus and secondary nutrient Sulphur . It is mainly suitable for all crops and soils with Zinc deficiency.





 AMMONIUM SULPHATE is produced and marketed by FACT in past 5 decades to the tune of 2-2.25 lakhs metric tonnes.  It is a nitrogeneous fertiliser containing 20.6% Nitrogen in ammoniacal form. Apart from this, It also contain 24% Sulphur, a major nutrient, required for improving quality of the crops produced.The Ammonium Sulphate is a stable compound and is resistant to leaching and volatilazation loss of Nitrogen.FACT Ammonium Sulphate is ideal for top dressing for crops such as Paddy, Banana, Sugarcane, Vegetables, Chilly and other plantation crops such as Coffee, Tea and Pepper.






City compost produced in several states conforming to FCO standards, is bagged in 50 Kg bags after quality checking and  marketed by  FACT under its brand name "FACT ORGANIC". In addition to improving the physical characteristics of the soil such as soil structure, soil texture and water holding capacity,  organic manure also supplies organic carbon, small quantities of NPK and sufficient quantities of micro nutrients .




FACT Organic Plus is plant and animal based organic manure marketed by FACT. It contains high nutrient content and serves as soil ameliorant which increases soil organic matter content and moisture holding capacity. It also reduces bulk density of soil and thus increases efficiency of crop production.  





These  living micro organisms are capable of increasing availability of plant nutrients to the crops due to their microbial activity in soil and plants. Fertilizer containing such micro organisms are called Bio-fertilisers. FACT is marketing bio fertiliser under the trade name BIOFACT . It can be applied by seed treatment or seedling dip or direct application to the field.The efficacy of the Bio-fertiliser can be substantially enhanced by applying it along with FACT ORGANIC .

Bio-fertilisers produced and marketed by FACT are:


These biofertilisers are micro organisms, which are suitable for enhancing Nitrogen availability for all crops. They fix atmospheric Nitrogen in the soil to the tune of 20 to 25 kg per hectare over a period of two years. By sustained application of Azospirillum, Nitrogen application can be reduced to the tune of 20 to 25 percentage.


These microorganisms are specifically suited to the requirements of leguminous crops.They live in symbiosis within root nodules of Pulse crops such as Green gram, Red gram etc., fix atmospheric Nitrogen and make it readily available to host plants.


These microorganisms are capable of converting unavailable form of Phosphorus in soil to available form of Phosphorus so that the plants can absorb the nutrient very easily.




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