Vigilance - About Us

Vigilance - About us


FACT was founded in 1944, on the banks of the Periyar River in Kerala,  being the first large scale fertilizer factory in the country.  With a turn over of Rs.2152 Crore in 2010-2011, FACT is considered a triumph of the Public Sector in India, with three manufacturing divisions, a wide range of fertilizers and a well established marketing network in entire South India.  FACT has a diversified bouquet of products and services including various fertilizers and mixes, Chemical and Fertilizer technology, Research and Development and Engineering/Fabrication services.
The Vigilance Department of FACT is headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) who possesses the status, rank and perquisites of a Functional Director of the Company.  The present CVO is
Dr.Soorya Thankappan,IPS. She is assisted by a team  of officers consisting of a Deputy General  Manager ,an Assistant General Manager. and an Officer(Vigilance)


Vigilance function in FACT is an integral part of the Management function.  This Department functions with the concept of "Vigilance for Corporate Excellence" and works with a moto "committed to Institute and Internalize ethical practices in FACT".  Adopting an approach of proactive and preventive Vigilance, this Department strives to improve the quality management systems within FACT by creating a corruption-free environment for each individual to strive for high level performance toward achieving the Vision and Mission of FACT.

Nature of Work 

Functioning with a judicious mix of inspections and investigations, educating, training, and correcting Vigilance Department acts not only on complaints but also in a suo motu and proactive manner.  Based on the Investigations and studies, the CVO provides advice to the Management to bring about qualitative improvement in the functioning of the Company.  The CVO also acts as a link, in Vigilance Matters, between FACT and MoF, CVC, CBI, PMO, etc., and further on the effective sharing of the qualitative initiatives suggested and implemented in the Company.

The work profile of Vigilance Department includes investigation of complaints received from various sources, surprise inspections, regular surveillance/intelligence gathering, scrutiny of procurement/contract files, CTE’s intensive examination reports, scrutiny of property returns of employees, coordination with CVC, CTE, MoF, PMO etc.

Handling of Complaints 

Complaints are received from the FACT Website, through telephone calls or through letters.

The complaints are processed after confirming the veracity of the complaint and further action is taken as per laid down procedures. Anonymous, pseudonymous complaints are generally not investigated, as also for malicious and mischief mongering complaints borne out of jealousies or personal rivalries,

The complaints should be specific with relevant details like NIT No., dates, names etc.  Correct name, Phone number and address of complainant are a must for processing the complaint. No additional correspondence is normally entertained after lodging the complaint. In case of false, harassing or malicious complaints, there are provisions for taking action against such complainants too.

Only complaints having Vigilance Angle shall be examined. "Vigilance Angle" includes misuse of official position, demanding and accepting illegal gratification, misappropriation of Company funds or assets, forgery or cheating, gross and willful negligence or recklessness in exercise of discretionary powers, blatant violation of laid down systems and procedures, abnormal delays in processing of cases/files/payments etc.