FAQ on Vigilance

Q1. What type complaints/issues to be referred to Vigilance Department?
Ans. Complaints regarding corrupt practices (demanding or acceptances of bribe)/misuse of official position for private gain/doubtful integrity cases and cases involving a Vigilance angle related to the officials of FACT including our stake holders of the Company.

Q2. Whether complaints related to FEDO, FEW, field Dealers or Officers/staff on contract/commission with FACT can be referred to Vigilance Department of FACT?
Ans. Yes.

Q.3. How to register the complaints to Vigilance Department of FACT?
Ans. 1. Online complaints may be registered on the Vigilance page of attaching the documentary proof as PDF file, if any.  you can also send an e-mail to cvo[at]factltd[dot]com.
        2. Source Information / Verbal complaints can be reported to the phone numbers given on the Contact Us page.
        3. Written complaints with supporting documents can be also be sent to the following address:

                               The Chief Vigilance Officer
                               The Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Limited
                               Corporate Office
                               Udyogamandal - 683 501
                               Kochi, Kerala.

Q4. Whether all complaints received are considered/processed by the Vigilance Department?
Ans. Yes, all complaints received are perused by CVO and ordered for verification/detailed investigation/administrative action/for filing as deemed fit.

Q5. What types of complaints are referred by FACT Vigilance for investigation by external agency like CBI?
Ans. Issues having serious irregularities by FACT employees, and involving external agencies re referred for investigation by CBI; with the approval of the Disciplinary Authority.

Q6.   Who is the ultimate authority to decide regarding initiation of Regular Departmental Action against the employee?
Ans. The Disciplinary Authority concerned.

Q7. Whether DoPT's OM No.11012/11/2007 dated 14.12.07 regarding grant of VC to members of CCS/CC is application to FACT employee?
Ans. No, these guidelines do not apply to employees of Central Public Sector Enterprises.

Q8. What is the time validity of Vigilance Clearance obtained for promotion of an officer?
Ans. VC is valid for a period of three months for the date of issue.  In case the promotion is to be considered after three months, VC to be sought again.  In case of some new and serious matter crops up against any of the persons to whom VC is already granted, the Vigilance Department will inform the same to Personnel Department.

Q9. Whether a complaint without signature, name and address of the complainant will be processed by Vigilance Department?
Ans. No.  Such complaints are termed as anonymous/pseudonymous hence generally not entertained.

Q10. Whether verification of the complainant is essential?
Ans. Yes.  In order to confirm the authenticity of the complaint, this will be considered for investigation.

Q11. Does Vigilance Department entertain/investigate the complaints made out of personal rivalry or out of malicious mischief?
Ans. No.  Such complaints are marked to concerned Director for further administrative action.

Q12. What is the normal time taken by Vigilance Department in investigation of a complaint?
Ans. Usually one month for preliminary verification of complainant and generally three months for investigation of complaint having Vigilance angle.  This can based on a number of factors.

Q13. Whether the opinion of the suspected person is called for during investigation?
Ans. Yes.  The same is obtained in the form of a questionnaire/Show Cause Notice during the course of the investigation.

Q14. Whether complaints related to retired employees are entertained?
Ans. No.  Vigilance Department, FACT investigates complaints related to serving employees only.