Vigilance Vision

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Vigilance - Our Vision

Our vision for the Vigilance Department is that this Department be perceived as a positive, proactive, efficient and effective branch institutionalizing ethical practices within FACT and significantly contributing to the Vision and Mission of FACT.



  • Encourage lateral and out of the box thinking
  • Be open to discussions and constructive criticisms
  • Continuous review of systems for improvement
  • Frequent interactions and brainstorming sessions with other departments


  • Suo motu initiate system corrections
  • Analyze situations and processes and give reports and suggestions to other departments
  • Stress on pragmatic, practical and prudent work practices
  • Give adequate and reasonable opportunities for the involved personnel

Efficient and Effective

  • Balanced mix of preventive, punitive, predictive and participative Vigilance
  • Push for standardization of procedures and accountability of individuals
  • Insist on system modernization and skills upgradation
  • Regular and continuous inspections and monitoring and follow up
  • Stress on more use of IT and minimize opportunities for human failures
  • Take lead and set examples

Ethical Practices

  • Impartial, transparent and systematic working
  • Fair investigations and objective analysis
  • Ensure punishment of the guilty and protection of honest
  • Deliver results in a time bound manner