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Caprolactam -  It  is manufactured from raw materials such as Benzene, Sulphur (as Sulphur-di-oxide and Oleum), Ammonia, Carbon-di-oxide. It is used in manufacturing Nylon Tyre cord, Nylon filament yarn, Engineering plastics etc.The major sectors catered to are the Textile and ,Automobile Industries . It is the raw material for Nylon-6. The product quality of FACT Caprolactam is among the best available in the world. Nitric Acid and Soda Ash - Small quantities of these are obtained from Caprolactam Plant as by-product.

Nitric Acid (55%)

Capacity - 3800 TPA
Concentration (by weight) - 55% (min.)
Ammonium Nitrate (by weight) - 1% (max.)
Specific gravity at 20 Deg.C - 1.339
Delivery - Ex-factory - tanker load

Soda Ash (off grade)

Capacity - 4750 TPA
Total alkalinity (as Na2CO3) (by wt) - 95% (min.)
Sulphate (as Na2SO4) (by weight) - 1.5 to 3%
Bulk density (g/L) - 1.35 to 1.50
Delivery - Ex-factory bulk

For enquiry regarding Nitric Acid and Soda Ash, please contact:

e-mail - indpro[at]factltd[dot]com
Telephone - 0484-2547391,2547617
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