Commercial Department

Major role of Commercial Department in FEDO is the identification and development of business opportunities for FEDO in India and abroad .
The functions of the commercial department are interrelated with those of Technical department but are regarded more in offering competitive quotes to the customers. The major activities of the department are:
  • Sustain and develop client relationship,
  • Assessment of Bid opportunity,
  • Internal Pre-bid review,
  • Identification of Cost elements,
  • Preparation of competitive offers by taking in account all the requirements of the client,
  • Timely submission of bids,
  • Bagging orders from clients,
  • Job order review by ensuring the requirements of the customer and acceptance of the job order,
  • After sale services etc., as applicable
FEDO Commercial department is the key department directly involved in bidding or coordinates a client to concerned engineering department (if required) during the process of bidding/ enquiry.  If you are looking for a new business tie-up/ project with FEDO, all such enquiries shall be addressed to FEDO Commercial department.