Inspection Department Functions

This group is responsible for quality assurance and timely receipt at site, of bought out items. Their functions include;

  • Inspection & Quality Certification at various stages of manufactures
  • Expediting of supplies
  • Testing of equipment before despatch to site
  • Vendor data co-ordination and,
  • Third party inspection services.

Many of our surveyors are qualified in the multi-level certification of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) in various techniques of non-destructive inspection such as ultrasony, radiography, dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, etc.

FEDO is authorised by the Department of Explosives, Government of India, as an inspection agency for statutory, stage-wise inspection during the fabrication of unfired pressure vessels inspection (SMPV Rules.

Our surveyors have also been authorised by the Department of Petroleum, Government of India, to certify petroleum storages and installation.

The inspection group in co-ordination with engineering departments undertakes the condition assessment / health study of chemicals / process plants.

FEDO inspectors are thoroughly conversant with various national and international codes such as IBR, SMPV, ASME, API, ANSI, etc.