Own Projects-Others

Own Projects- Others

Project Client
Job Number-32636 Report Preparation for the construction of additional sulphuric acid tank at Cochin Division FACT-CD
Job Number-32637 Report Preparation for the construction of additional Phosphoric acid storage tank at Willington Island FACT-CD-WI
Job Number-32638 Study of adequacy of barge unaloding facility at W/I Ammonia Handling FACT-CD-WI
Job Number-32639 Quantitaive Risk Assessment Study of Sulphuric Acid Plant FACT-CD
Job Number-32640 Suitability of W1 foundtaion for new W3 & design / re-routing of piping of the new W3 in SAP FACT-CD
Job Number-32641 Evaluation of technical bids for CAAQMS FACT-UC
Job Number-32642 EIA  Study for the proposed 1650MTPD complex fertiliser Plant at FACT CD FACT-CD
Job Number-32650 TPS for lime classifier FACT-CD
Job Number-32651 Modification scheme for NP Bagging system to compress wagon loading time as per the technical study report by FEDO FACT-CD
Job Number-32652 Installation of additional Ammonia condenser E510C in Ammonia Plant FACT-UC
Job Number-32653 Project Report, EIA, Risk Assessment report, relevant drawings for the proposed 8200MT Sulphuric acid storage Tank and Two 8500 MT Storage Tank at Willington Island FACT-CD
Job Number-32656 Feasibility of installaing new motor driven ship unloading compressor at Ammonia Handling WI FACT-CWI
Job Number-32657 Preparation of documents required for site appraisal of proposed 1650 MT complex Fertiliser Project, 10000MT Ammonia Storage Tank and Sulphuric Acid Storgae Tanks (5000MTx2) at FACT- Cochin Division FACT-CD
Job Number-32658 Physical verification of bulk raw materials, packing materials, finished products and gypsum FACT
Job Number-32659 Roof extension of Sulphur Godown Building - Roof and foundation details FACT-UC
Job Number-32660 Re-tubing of ammonia Condenser E510 with MOC change from CS to SS- verification of the data submitted by maint. Dept. and study of any other likely engineering problems if any including concurrence with HTAS if required FACT-UC
Job Number-32661 Basic design and drawings for two structural platforms in FACT-CD NP Plant FACT-CD
Job Number-32662 Study the feasibility of constructing an open tank of phosphoric Acid at FACT CD FACT-CD
Job Number-32663 Coordination works for Reconstruction of SCB (South Coal Berth) FACT-CD
Job Number-32664 Study the feasibility of constructing a Phosphoric Acid tank in the area marked for Sulphuric acid tank at Q10 Berth WI FACT-CD
Job Number-32665 Feasibility study for new Benzene 10000 MT storage tank at WI FACT-CD
Job Number-32666 Health study of FACT - CD Phosphoric Acid Plant FACT-CD
Job Number-32667 Preparation of P&ID diagram for Acid barges FEW
Job Number-32668 Recommendation/ remarks for the proposal of replacement of APM 13/14 controllers of Honeywell DCS in Ammonia Plant with the HPM 9/10 controllers FACT-UC
Job Number-32669  Scheme for Ammonia Ship unloading during reconstruction of South Coal Berth (SCB) in Willingdon island FACT-CD
Job Number-32670  Preparation of P&ID diagram and pump data sheet for  Sulphuric Acid barge FACT-CD
Job Number-32671  Safety Audit of FACT Udyogamandal Complex plants  
Job Number-32672  Preparation of new sketch / Drawings for FACT - CD plant for Township FACT-CD
Job Number-32673  Revamp of Rock Phosphate handling system at Q10 berth , WI FACT-CD
Job Number-32674  Modification required at CD & WI Barge Jetty for loading & unloading of high capacity barge FACT-CD
Job Number-32675  Strengthening of pump house / office building  and construction of a mini conference room at Q10 berth FACT-CD
Job Number-32676  Civil structural Design and drawings of Hoardings for FACT  
Job Number-32677  Scheme for improving Gypsum loading system for sales from FACT - CD  
Job Number-32678  Design and construction of road with necessary drains and culvert at Gypsum yard - Weigh bridge area  
Job Number-32680  Ammonia plant  - Re tubing of Inter stage coolers of synthesis gas compressors, final gas cooler and steam condensate cooler with MOC change from CS to SS study of Engineering problems  
Job Number-32681  Preparation of technical documents for the installation of floodlight on Hoardings  
Job Number-32682  Manufacture of Ammonium Sulphate from phosphogypsum  
Job Number-32683  Facelift of Corporate office - Space available in side Corporate Office is to be utilised to accommodate a reception counter car parking provision and yard for receiving visiting digitaries  
Job Number-32684  Renovation of Zonal office, ASC office and maintenance of RMC, ASC godowns and adjacent building Palakkad  
Job Number-32685  FACT Township shopping complex stability study and details of repair activity  
Job Number-32688  Scheme for ship unloading of Sulphuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid at Q9Berth, WI FACT-CD
Job Number-32689  Monetising Developing FACT land at Kochi UDL