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DPR/ TEFR/ Studies- Expertise

DPR/ TEFR/ Studies  
Project Client and Location Remarks
Job Number 8158 Preparation TFER and PMC Services for Retrofitting of Amine based SO2 Absorption Route in Existing Sulphuric Acid Plant HCL, Ghatsilla DPR, Engineering, Site supervision- ONGOING
Job Number 8155 Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the capacity enhancement of Titanium Dioxide Pigment Production from 40000 TPA to 60000 TPA KMML, Kollam Detailed Project Report
Consultancy for generating a scheme for DHDS area effluent rerouting to ETP-V / ETP - III BPCL-KR Design/ Studies
Consultancy for generating a scheme for DHDS area effluent rerouting to ETP-V / ETP - III BPCL-KR Design/ Studies
HAZOP Study of RLNG conversion of 990 TPD ammonia Complex FACT-UC Studies
Feasibility Study for Installation of New Back Pressure Turbine BPCL- KR, Kochi Studies
HAZOP Study of Ammonia Storage Facility FACT-CD Studies
DPR on 1000TPD Complex Fertiliser (NP) FACT-CD DPR
DPR on 1500TPD Urea Plant FACT-UC DPR
DPR on 2800TPD Ammonia and 3500 TPD Urea IFFCO, Paradip DPR
DPR on 2000TPD SAP IFFCO, Paradip DPR
DPR on Gypsum plaster and rapid wall for FRBL FACT-RCF (JV) DPR
PMC Services for Electrical Distribution System Revamp- Phase III BPCL-KR, Kochi Studies
Job Number 8139 Consultancy for study and submission of report on the existing rutile grade Titanium Dioxide Pigment plant at KMML KMML, Kollam Studies
Market Survey of  RLNG Petronet Terminal KSIDC Studies
Risk Assessment Study for SA and PA Storage Tanks at WI-CD FACT-CD Studies
HAZOP Study for Crude Oil Storage Tank and Pipeline for SPM Facilities BPCL-KR Studies
Review of Safety Integrity Level and Risk Assessment report of Crude and Finished product Storage Facility IOCL, Paradip Studies
TEFR on 150TPD Fertiliser Granulation Plant FACT-CD TEFR
TEFR on Ammonia Urea Complex FACT-CD TEFR
TEFR on conversion of Phospho Gypsum to Gypsum Plaster and Rapid wall for FRBPL FACT-RCF (JV) TEFR
Health  Assessment & RLA Study for Ammonia/Urea Plants KRIBHCO, Surat Studies
Detailed Health Study of Ammonia/Urea Plants NFL,  Nangal, Panipat, Bathinda Studies
TEFR on 100000 TPA monazite Processing Plant IREL OSCOM Odisha TEFR
TEFR on 300/500 TPD Methanol OIL TEFR
TEFR on 500TPD Methanol Plant Assam Petrochemicals TEFR
HAZOP Study for PIBU offsite LEFPU 1 & 2 and PSU BPCL-KR Studies
Risk Analysis for Carrying out hot works in TK-380 BPCL-KR Studies
Health Assessment Study of Urea and Ammonia Plant GNFC, Gujrath Studies
Adequacy study for fire water network and and allied Facility IOCL, Guwahathi Studies
Energy Audit RCF, Trombay Energy Audit
  Safety Audit and Energy Audit  FACT, Ambalamedu 
FACT, Udyogamandal
  Safety and Energy Audit
Safety Audit HIL- New Delhi, Rasayani, Udyogamandal Units Safety Audit
Safety Audit FCIL, Gorakhpur and Talcher Units Safety Audit
Safety Audit HFCL, Durgapur, west Bengal  Safety Audit
Manglore Fertiliser Project
Ammonia Plant 600TPD
DAP Complex 115000TPD
GOI DPR (Year 1966)
Tuticorin Fertiliser Complex
Urea 500TPD
Phosphoric Acid 470 TPD
Fertilisers 2000 TPD
GOI DPR ( Year 1967)
Phosphatic Fertiliser Complex, Paradeep Orissa
Sulphuric Acid 2x1500TPD
Phosphoric Acid 2x500TPD
Fertilisers 3x1000TPD
Ammonia Plant
FACT, Udyogamandal
DPR (Year 1989)
Sulphuric Acid / Single Super Phosphate Complex Buxa Dooras Tea Company (I) Ltd, Culcutta TEFR
Mini Cement Plant Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa Ltd, Orissa TEFR
Mini Cement Plant Calcar Products (P) Ltd, Calcutta TEFR
Nylon Plant FACT Ltd, Udyogamandal TEFR
Modernisation of Ammonia and Urea Plant Fertiliser Corporation of India Ltd, Uttarpradesh TEFR
PAPR Demonstration Plant Pyrites, Phosphates and & Chemicals Ltd, New Delhi TEFR
Pollution Abatement Scheme Fertiliser Corporation of India Ltd, Ramagundam, Andrapradesh TEFR
DCDA Conversion of Sulphuric Acid Plant Steel Authority of India Ltd, Bhilai, MP TEFR
Cashewnut Liquid Shell Paint Plant Kerala  State cashew Development Corporation, Trivandrum TEFR
Methanol Project Assam Petrochemicals TEFR
Di-Ammonium Phosphate Complex KRIBHCO, Hazira, Gukrath TEFR
Phosphatic Fertiliser Complex Godavari Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd, Hyderabad, AP TEFR
Phosphatic Fertiliser Complex Essar investments, Hazira, Gukrath TEFR
Study of Sulphuric Acid Plant HOCL, Rasayani Studies
Study of DDT Compelx HIL, Rasayani Studies
Study of Technology Evaluation and norms for Fertiliser Industry GOI, Ministry of Science and Technology Studies
Study of Production Improvement and Cogeneration facility HCL, Khetrinagar, Rajastan Studies
Study of Phosphoric Acid Plant SPIC, Tuticorin Studies