Own Projects- Major

Own Projects Major

Project Client
Job Number-32643 Construction of Sulphuric Acid Storage (8200MT) at WI FACT-CD-WI
Job Number-32644 Construction of Two Phosphoric Acid Storage Tank (8200MTx2) at WI FACT-CD-WI
Job Number-32656 Feasibility of installaing new motor driven ship unloading compressor at Ammonia Handling WI
Job Number-32657 Preparation of documents (DPR etc.)required for site appraisal of proposed 1650 MT complex Fertiliser Project, 10000MT Ammonia Storage Tank and Sulphuric Acid Storgae Tanks (5000MTx2) at FACT- Cochin Division  FACT-CD
Job Number 32679- TPS for RLNG Burners of Thermal Oil Heater (F5902), Caustic Soda Revovery Boiler(F4101) and start up Boiler (F9301) for FACT-PD FACT-CD
Job Number 32686- Construction of 10000MT Ammonia Storage at Cochin Division FACT-CD
Job Number 32687- Installation of new 1650 TPD Complex Fertiliser Plant  at Cohin Division, Ambalamedu FACT-CD