Civil Department Functions

Civil design department has the following functional groups:
  • Design Engineering Group:- This group is responsible for the design of all structures for the plant, non-plant and offsite structures in a project based on relevant I.S. codes, good and accepted engineering practices.

  • Architectural Group:- The architectural detailing of Plant and Non-plant buildings is done by this group. The layout of township, detailing of residential buildings etc. are also the functions of this group. All details necessary for the execution of jobs pertaining to architecture is done by this group.
  • Drafting Group:- This group initially prepares the drawings necessary for preliminary estimates and for tender purpose. On getting the detailed design and sketches from the design group, the drafting group prepares detailed drawings. All details such as plans, elevations, sections, layouts, details of reinforcement, cut out openings, drains, fabrication details of structures, bar bending schedules (if required) etc. are prepared by the drafting group.
  • Estimating Group:- Based on the preliminary drawings and details furnished by the design group, the estimating group prepares detailed estimate for the various items of works necessary for the execution of the job. The date and schedule of rates are also maintained by this group. The basis for these is generally the C.P.W.D. Schedule of Rates or the P.W.D Rates (of the State where the project is located E.g D. S. R rates for Delhi). This group also prepares the detailed specifications, conditions of contract and technical specifications. Special conditions of contract, if any are also prepared by this group in coordination with the design group.
  • DPR for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure Projects
  • Topographical, Contour and Cadastral survey
  • Soil exploration, and Sub soil investigations
  • Architectural Services
  • Structural Engineering services
  • Transportation Engineering Services
  • Water Resources, Cost Estimation, Valuation and Tendering
  • Quantity Serveying
  • Project Management Services including site supervision and MIS