Petrochemical Plants

FACT manufactures Caprolactam, the raw material for Nylon-6 which is extensively used for the production of tyre-cord, textile filament yarn and engineering plastics.

FACT, one of the only two manufactures of this product in India, has the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes of Caprolactam in a year.  FACT's Caprolactam exported to various countries including in USA, not only earns precious foreign exchange, but also appreciation on account of its excellent quality.

The Caprolactam Plant also produces 2,25,000 tonnes of Ammonium Sulphate per year as co-product and small quantities of Soda Ash and Nitric Acid as by products.

The plant has been certified ISO 9001:2002 since April 1996 by RWTUV, Germany and ISO-14001 since December 1999 by DNV, Netherlands.

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