Byproduct Gypsum(CaSO4.2H2O) for Sale

Material : Hydrated Calcium Sulphate, a byproduct of phosphoric acid.

Description : The material is in the form of crystalline lumps and powder.

Typical specifications :

a.  Free moisture : 20% wt.

b.  Chemical analysis on dry basis :

     1.   Total CaSO4  : 95% wt.
     2.   Total P2O5    : 1.05% wt.
     3.   Flourine as F  : 0.32% wt.
     4.   Chloride as Cl : ND
     5.   Balance : silica, Iron, Aluminium etc.


Gypsum is used as an ingredient of portland cement.  It is used for the treatment of soils to stablilise volatile and dissolved nitrogenous compounds.

It is a raw material in the manufacture of plaster of paris and construction materials like gypcrete and gypboards.  It also finds use in manufacturing ammonium sulphate.

It also used as an inert filler in pharmaceuticals, paper, paints and insecticidal dusts.

Mode of supply : Bulk Supply by trucks.

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