Research and Developments

The Reasearch and Development Centre functions with the aim of carrying out in-depth reseach to new fertilizer formulations and value addition of existing product lines in the Organization. R&D is carrying out the following research study and specialized services to the benefit of the organization.

Research projects on Coir pith: Coir pith is the organic matter left behind after the extraction of coir bibre from the coconut husk. On an average coconut husks consists of 70% pith and 30% fibre on dry weight basis. India produces 2.8 lakh metric tonne of coir fibre per year, which generates 5-6 lakh metric tonne of coir pith. This coir pith has an excellent property of water holding and contains rich organic matter along with nutrient values. But it cannot be used as farmyard manure directly due to various reasons. The natural composting of coir pith will not only take away nutrients from the soil but also releases some harmful chemicals in to it. Hence composting of coir pith is essential before applying as manure. In order to address the issues, FACT R&D lhas submitted Research proposal with Coir Board and a MOU has been signed between FACT and COIRBOARD. The salient feature of the project is converting coir pith into organic manure as per FCO guidelines.

Quality Control Cell: It is constituted for efficiently monitoring the quality of finished chemical fertilizers both in manufacturing unit and field godowns, distributors and dealers for evaluating the quality as per the director of Ministry of Agriculture, GOI.

The scientific personals in R & D Centre are carrying out the quality assurance activities periodically covering four southern states and manufacturing plants. The complete analysis reports with findings are submitted to Director(Technical). This is also a part of company's commitment to ensure the quality till the products reaches the beneficiaries.

Biofertilisers : Production: R&D produces Biofertilisers such as Rhizobium, Azospirillum and Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria (PSB), from its 150 TPD plant, which is established with partial assistance of one time grant in aid from Ministry of Agriculture, GOI. During the year 2010-11, R&D has achieved fifty percent of installed capacity of the Biofertilisers, as well as assessing the suitability of locally available material as carrier that favours the growth of microorganisms used in Biofertilisers production.