Vigilance - Nature of Work

Functioning with a judicious mix of inspections and  investigations, educating, training and correcting Vigilance Department acts not only on complaints but also in a suo motu and proactive manner.  Based on the Investigations and studies, the CVO provides advice to the Management to bring about qualitative improvement in the functioning of the Company.  The CVO also acts as a link, in Vigilance Matters, between FACT and MoF, CVC, CBI, PMO etc. and further on the effective sharing of the qualitative initiatives suggested and implemented in the Company.

The work profile of Vigilance Department includes investigation of complaints received from various sources, surprise inspections, regular surveillance/intelligence gathering, scrutiny of procurement/contract files, CTE’s intensive examination reports, scrutiny of property returns of employees, coordination with CVC, CTE, MoF, PMO etc.