Cyclohexanone, the main intermediate, is produced from benzene by hydrogenation to cyclohexane and subsequent oxidation. Hydroxylamine, the second intermediate, is obtained in the form of its stabler sulphate salt, from ammonia, sulphur-di-oxide and ammonium nitrite by the proven, easy-to-operate and efficient Raschig route.

Cyclohexanone oxime is formed by the reaction of Cyclohexanone and Hydroxylamine. Caprolactam is produced by the Beckmann rearrangement of the Oxime in the presence of oleum. The subsequent neutralisation step yields ammonium sulphate as co-product.  The crude Caprolactam is purified by solvent extraction, ion-exchange, hydrogenation, evaporation and vacuum distillation to obtain products of extremely high purity and consistent quality.